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Igniting the spark of genius in every child

We Work to Understand Your Kids Needs

The Toddler Tech's journey is beginning in 2022. We meet the particular needs of children from various socioeconomic backgrounds, from early intervention to maturity. The programmes at New Learning Heights are centred on the child's overall development, taking into account both their needs and their potential. Depending on the child's needs, functional academics are provided with additional therapy. The regular school curriculum serves as an important reference point for pupils who may be enrolled in a regular classroom.

Following a thorough evaluation, our interdisciplinary team develops a customised curriculum for each kid. Groups of students are created based on age, needs, and functional level. Every three months, the programmes for each kid are evaluated. Both the instructor and the parents are equally involved in this process, and they often get together to talk about their worries and observations.

We offer special education, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, brain gym, yoga, behaviour modification, one-on-one sessions, multi-sensory activities, skill development, vocational training, computer training, counselling, cardio, aerobics, and weight training, all with a 1:1 or 1:2 teacher-student ratio and high levels of experience and dedication from our staff. Furthermore, we provide childcare services.

Therapists and parents play an important role in the rehabilitation and habilitation of children at all levels, particularly EWS/Unprivileged children, at the CBSM Inclusive School and Toddler Tech. We want to raise awareness of the needs of the neighbourhood's disabled residents so that we can better understand and serve them.

CBSM's mission is to assist special-needs children and young adults while also improving public awareness of individuals with disabilities. We offer our students the faith, fortitude, happiness, and motivation they need to become self-sufficient, affluent citizens.



What is special about centre

Vision & Mission Statements


Our Mission

We believe in the ability to improve the quality of life of the individuals and families across the city.


Our Vision

Our vision for Early Years is based upon the premise that every child receives the very best education.



We believe that a teacher-guided, balanced approach establishes an excellent educational foundation.


Are pick-and-drop services available?

Yes, pick-and-drop services will be available with minimal charges only.

Read on to understand our differene

Why Choose Toddler Tech

  1. We encourage the age group from 2 years to 14 years

  2. Timings for daycare are 8 am to 8 pm.

  3. Breakfast will be provided to parents' concerns.

  4. Daily routine nutrients will be provided.

  5. Schooling activities are available.

  6. Caregiver planners are provided and IEPs too could be succour.

  7. Online registration is too available.

  8. Pick-and-drop services are available.

  9. Full-time and part-time services are available.

  10. Assurance of educational activities.

  11. A Routine will be given by the caregiver and parents with concerns.

Igniting the spark of genius in every child

Our Staff are Guided by the Principles of

Above and beyond our already stringent code of ethics and guidelines for continuing education, our professional staff are guided by the principles and ethical codes of the following clinical and educational organizations:

  • American Speech & Hearing Association (ASHA)

  • Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language

  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

  • Audiology Foundation of America

  • American Board of Audiology